Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What's the Difference?

Satisfaction and importance of the golfers at your club should be a known variable. More than ever superintendents and general managers are surveying their members and guests to discover their desirers when it comes to what goods and services to deliver to club members.

Satisfaction is a measurement of what the player likes about the golf course as you present it, while importance ranks the components of the course that makes the game of golf more enjoyable. So it goes without saying that greens are generally most important to the game of golf, we should also know the satisfaction level of the player as it pertains to greens. If the importance is high and satisfaction is low we know to expend more resources on that component of the course.

Where the line begins to blur occurs with other lesser components of the course; cart paths, water features, sand bunkers, trees, landscape, even tees, fairways and rough are features that sometimes needs more attention based on this solid data to back–up additional expenditures.

To illustrate how the satisfaction and importance index can help you decide how to attack a plan to make your course as good as it can be for your unique clientele click on this link. Where the two categories of importance and satisfaction intersect will give you a clear picture of where to make improvements in maintenance and / or capital planning.

In this economy every member is critical to financial success of your business. The end of this summer season would be an ideal time to survey your players and formulate your plan for next year.

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