Friday, November 13, 2015

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Miller/Dodson and Associates, Reserve Specialist, are the Gold Standard for Country Clubs, Golf Clubs and Gated Communities
A reserve study is an in-depth evaluation of a property's physical features and components and an analysis of its needed reserve funds to replace and renew current features and components. Based on a thorough on-site inspection, a custom, detailed reserve study specifies and anticipates replacements or repairs to the clubs’ buildings, sites and feature components and recommends annual reserve funding to cover capital expenditures for a specified time.
Miller/Dodson and Associates creates a custom reserve study that enables club managers, board members and golf facility owners the assurance that future, major property expenses are identified early and that a unique funding plan is in place to cover those expenses.
Simply put - a well-prepared reserve study can help avert special assessments and supports a well-managed club environment. Frank Vain, President of McMahon Group, emphasized in his 2013 presentation to the Club Managers Association of America that an asset reserve study should be a cornerstone of a well-managed club.
The most accurate reserve studies are conducted by an engineer and/or architect who knows building construction. In addition to a degree, top-tier reserve-study professionals typically hold an industry accreditation based on experience and advanced education. Miller/Dodson’s bench is deep with such accreditations as Reserve Specialist (RS), earned through the Community Associations Institute, or Professional Reserve Analyst (PRA), awarded by the Association of Professional Reserve Analysts.
When you work with Miller/Dodson and Associates, you can be confident an engineer or architect will conduct your on-site inspection and develop your detailed custom reserve study. All Miller/Dodson advisors have also earned their RS or PRA designation or are working toward it.
Additionally, Miller/Dodson and Associates offers an accredited professional from the golf course industry to evaluated the important features and components associated with your club’s golf course. No other reserve analysis company offers this level of service as a specialty to the golf and club industry.
Michael D. Vogt, CGCS, CGIA* has cooperated in many Miller/Dodson reserve studies, being an extra measure of expertise in the evaluation of golf course features and components, including:
Irrigation Systems
Sand Bunkers
Cart Paths
Water Features
Drainage Systems
Practice Facilities
Bridges, Retaining Walls and Fences

Contact Miller/Dodson for all your vital club asset reserve studies 800-850-2835 or 
*Michael is also affiliated with Golf Convergence and McMahon Group -  these fine companies also specialize in the golf and private club industry. Michael may be reached at 800-365-2498or