Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Trip to Southern Hills

Imagine my excitement when I discovered that I was on my way to Southern Hills. My wife had arranged to visit with her sister to attend her son’s graduation party. Not being the kind of guy to sit around I planned a little fly fishing at local tail water for one day and contacted the superintendent at Southern Hills.
Unfortunately, I got skunked fishing for wily trout in the tail water so my trip to Southern Hills would have to be the highlight of my trip, did I mention this Southern Hills was in Hot Springs, South Dakota!

Southern Hills of South Dakota is a gem of a golf course located in the southwest edge of the state.

The slick bent fairways, great pure bent greens a picturesque landscape is something special in the Black Hills area.

If you ever get an opportunity to visit I would definitely put this course on your list.

Operated by the city, Southern Hills feels more like a country club. The care that is taken to maintain this fantastic course is overseen by Arlin Fenhaus, CGCS. Arlin and his staff make the course a comfortable and inviting place to tee-it-up.

Although the Southern Hill I visited was not the Tulsa venue of professional tournament fame, I rather would spend my time at Southern Hills, South Dakota. Having lived in Tulsa I have already been to Southern Hills Country Club, it’s nice too, just another kind of Southern Hills.

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